About Us

About Innovative Discovery, LLC

Innovative Discovery was founded in 2005 and has grown into a leading provider of technology forward eDiscovery solutions. While bringing the best technologies to bear is paramount to our mission, it is the skilled and experienced consultants and engineers that truly unlock the power of these technologies and use them to deliver superior products and services.

ID’s focus on no-frills workflow automation and redundancy provides for consistently high level of execution in all of our products and service offerings. ID’s ultimate objective is to impart enhanced and measurable productivity gains into our clients’ case management process, ultimately making them more efficient and competitive.


Innovative Discovery, LLC prides itself on our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence by maintaining the highest standards of Quality, Capacity, and Customer Service in everything we do..


Projects must be delivered correctly, on time, all the time.


Substantial capacity provides for quick turn-around and consistent service. Our objective is to never have to say no to our clients’ requests regardless of the size of a project.

Customer Service:

Customer service must be 24 hours, professional and concise. All ID employees who interface with clients are professionals. We do not use “drivers” or couriers. All Account Executives and Project Managers are available around the clock. Finally, our invoicing is on time and correct. We firmly believe that absent the presence of any of the above “legs” the stool falls, and our clientele is left with a sub-standard product. For ID, this is not an option.