Accelerate Your Business Performance with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

By Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies

Business cycles can be hampered by many things like innovative disruption, regulatory changes, and competitive forces. The constant need for technology innovation is driven by: 

  • evolving customer markets  
  • supply chain challenges 
  • shifting customer demands 
  • growing move toward remote employees 

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is software designed to help solve these critical operational challenges. “This will, in short, help you achieve your business goals by lessening the impacts of these business disruptions,” said Mike Prentice, Innovative Discovery Engineer and Enterprise User of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. “The markets are always changing, and these disruptors have escalated the need for change at this pace. We’re finding that systems that use automation—like this one does—will help your business meet those needs.” 

Business automation tools are designed to address the following: 

  • operational inefficiencies in manual processes 
  • workflow and decision making with greater insight  
  • prioritization of tasks 
  • regulation compliance 
  • cost savings by investing in automation 

 “This isn’t just about saving money,” Prentice said. “This is about growing revenue by working faster and smarter with these tools.” 

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation works by employing AI-powered software to work more efficiently and address the full gamut of business challenges without the need to buy specific tools for specific tools. “This is the full package you need for your business,” Prentice said. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation encompasses:  

Business Process Management 

Enables the process deployment that spans people, systems, applications, tasks, rules, and interactions between all six 

Content Capture 

Eliminate manual document processing with AI-powered information classification and extraction classification from shared team documents 

Decision Making 

Analyze, automate, and govern rules-based business decisions 

Robotic Process Automation 

Software robots can act on AI insights to complete tasks with no lag time. “Instead of buying four products to do four different things, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation gives you one product that does everything,” notes Prentice.  

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation does this so successfully because it can help free up your humans to do the valuable work that cannot be done by machines or systems. With its AI-generated recommendations, your business gets immediate analytics to help automate systems that are taking up your employees’ valuable time in inputting and analyzing.  

IBM reports 90% reductions in time spent in manual processes and 50% decreased customer wait times.  

Other benefits include the ability to: 

Understand current state – apply business automation tools to pinpoint inefficiencies and hotspots to alleviate more quickly. 

Improve business applications – use data to automate, gain deeper insights, and achieve straight-through processing. 

Increase productivity – build low-code, no-code applications and bots to perform repetitive tasks. 

Gain deeper insights – use AI for insight into content and processes, so you can prioritize tasks to make better decisions. 

Watch the full webinar on IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation or learn more here

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