Analytics &
Managed Document Review


You need managed review that is accurate, efficient, and most importantly, affordable.

We take a consultative approach to every project to determine the most efficient review workflow, leveraging analytics, to help you identify critical information faster. ID provides a full suite of analytics and algorithmic coding tools and offers both Brainspace and the full suite of Relativity analytics in-house.

Engaging the ID Analytics and Managed Review team of experts provides you with:

Customized & strategic workflows

We consult with clients to match the best analytics, managed review tools, and strategies to achieve client’s goals.

Expert consultants, legal technologists

We understand matters from your perspective and are as technically proficient as any project manager in the industry.

Locations in highly litigious markets

ID has review centers in Washington, D.C., New York, NY, and Arlington, VA, and can quickly set up a review center in any other location as dictated by the needs of our clients.

Analytics and technology-assisted review

We leverage technology solutions like clustering, categorization, continuous-active learning, predictive coding, near-duplicate identification, strategic organization & prioritization, and statistical sampling.

Best-of-breed technology

ID helps you manage your data footprint, limiting exposure to external threats and retention of information you don’t need.

Comprehensive vetting of contract resources

Each reviewer is put through a rigorous screening process, including in-person interviews, reference checks, background research, and license verification.

Reduced savings. Increased results.

Engaging the ID Analytics & Managed Review team significantly increases cost savings for our clients while maintaining the highest quality results.

Multi-level review & approval.

Our PMs conduct second level review in concert with the first-level review to monitor the results in real-time and quickly make adjustments to ensure the highest quality result for our clients.