You need managed review that is accurate, efficient, and most importantly, affordable.

We take a consultative approach to every project to determine the most efficient review workflow, leveraging analytics, to help you identify critical information faster. Whether your review is on-premise in one of our review centers or managed remotely, ID provides a full suite of analytics and algorithmic coding tools and offers both Brainspace and the full suite of Relativity analytics in-house.

Engaging the ID Analytics and Managed Review team of experts provides you with:

Customized & strategic workflows

We consult with clients to match the best analytics, managed review tools, and strategies to achieve client’s goals.

Expert consultants, legal technologists

We understand matters from your perspective and are as technically proficient as any project manager in the industry.

Multiple Locations

ID has review centers in Washington, D.C., New York, NY, and Arlington, VA, and can quickly set up a review center in any other location as dictated by the needs of our clients.

Analytics and technology-assisted review

We leverage technology solutions like clustering, categorization, continuous-active learning, predictive coding, near-duplicate identification, strategic organization & prioritization, and statistical sampling.

Best-of-breed technology

ID helps you manage your data footprint, limiting exposure to external threats and retention of information you don’t need.

Comprehensive vetting of contract resources

Each reviewer is put through a rigorous screening process, including in-person interviews, reference checks, background research, and license verification.

Reduced spending. Increased results.

Engaging the ID Analytics & Managed Review team significantly increases cost savings for our clients while maintaining the highest quality results.

Multi-level review & approval.

Our PMs conduct second level review in concert with the first-level review to monitor the results in real-time and quickly make adjustments to ensure the highest quality result for our clients.


DistributID Review

Innovative Discovery’s remote review offering, DistributID Review, provides a secure, economical, and well-managed alternative solution by utilizing an experienced and completely remote talent pool in markets across the U.S. DistributID Review provides the flexibility and cost-efficiency you want, with the confidence and security you need. Here's how we secure your DistributID Review: 


DistributID Review utilizes technology identical to our on-prem solution (Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop). All remote traffic is encrypted via SSL/TLS1.2 and proxied/ secured by Citrix ADC and our Firewall appliances.

Talent Pool

Using remote reviewers from across the country allows us to tap into exemplary talent without geographic restriction. ID’s in-depth reviewer vetting process ensures the highest caliber candidates are staffed on every review.

Email Security

All project-related emails must be sent via ID email accounts, which does not allow emails to be sent outside ID’s environment. Reviewers’ access to ID email accounts are terminated immediately upon completion of review.

User Access

Reviewer access is strictly limited to the remote workspace - via 2-Factor Authentication - and only includes review materials for the individual’s assigned project.


ID provides a variety of customizable reporting metrics, similar if not identical to reports provided for on-premise review projects.

Review Materials

All review materials are available electronically and electronic versions are only accessible via the remote workstation.

Looking for more remote solutions?

Visit our remote capabilities page for our full suite of remote solutions to serve you anywhere in the world.

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Data Breach Review

When you’ve done everything possible to protect your organization, and hackers still manage to attack you where it hurts, it’s imperative that you not only rush to stop the bleeding but also tend to the wound. You have no time to waste. Innovative Discovery works with you immediately to review the breached data and identify sensitive information so that you can assess the severity of the breach as quickly as possible. Our experience and technology help expedite the response time, saving you time and money, allowing you to get back on your feet.


We are well-versed on compliance regulations and will ensure that you meet the necessary requirements in responding to your breach.


Our experts will use best- of-breed tools to identify potentially breached information as quickly as possible.


Locating your sensitive and potentially compromised data will help assess the damage prior to reviewing the data.

Managed Document Review

Complete managed document review, searching your breached information for personal and protected data.

Dedicated Experts

Your custom-build project team comprised of hand-selected reviewers, analytics experts, and a committed project manager will be focused on the urgency of the task at hand, and getting it done right.

rapID file transfer

The ability to get potentially compromised data to us up to 25X faster than regular data transfers.

COVID-19 Remote Review Response

How We Secure Your Remote Review During the Pandemic

Non-Disclosure Agreement



All remote reviewers are required to sign an NDA tailored specifically for remote work.




Remote review utilizes technology identical to our on-prem solution and made available over the internet via Citrix Application Delivery Controller and Storefront server. All remote traffic is encrypted via SSL/TLS1.2 and proxied/secured by Citrix ADC and our Firewall appliances. All the same users, applications, machines and security controls that are in place locally are now viewable via a browser or Citrix Receiver client remotely.




ID provides a variety of reporting metrics to clients for remote reviews, similar if not identical to reports provided for on-site review projects. These review metrics can include individual rates of review, overall review progress, and rates of responsiveness, privilege, and non-responsiveness.

User Access



As with any on-site review project, remote reviewer access is strictly limited to client-approved sites (i.e., Relativity) and materials of their assigned project. As an additional level of security, ID offers 2-Factor Authentication for user access.

Review Materials



All review materials are available electronically an only accessible via the remote desktop.

Remote Desktop



All remote reviewers are only able to access Relativity, their ID email accounts, and the electronic review materials via the remote desktop, which does not allow remote reviewers to download, copy, or print any materials on/to their personal assets.

Email Security



All project-related emails are transmitted via ID email accounts only, which does not allow emails to be sent outside ID’s environment (e.g. forwarding to personal email). Remote reviewers’ access to ID email accounts are terminated immediately upon completion of review and no personal email accounts are permitted.

Secure Data Center



All data remains in our secure data center and no client data is sent to the remote client machines.

Experienced Remote Reviewers



ID utilizes a strong bench of return review attorneys that have repeatedly demonstrated their experience and professionalism. We have cultivated tested and durable best practices that we implement in every review – in-house or remote.

Meet our information governance experts!


Cathy Fetgatter

  • Over 15 years of litigation and discovery management experience
  • An expert in process defensibility and cost-saving strategies utilizing technology assisted review and analytic technology
  • Skilled in recruiting the highest-caliber talent
  • Actively deploys analysis and strategies to increase efficiencies, implement best practices and process improvements
  • Karaoke queen
  • Animal lover

Wayland Radin

  • Technological translator
  • Outdoor Explorer
  • Quick Learner
  • Workflow Strategist
  • Experience in multiple facets of the law, including litigation, policy making, and eDiscovery
  • Holds several Relativity and Brainspace certifications

Becky Farrar

  • Team builder
  • Strategic and resourceful (and loves brainstorming)
  • Creative thinker
  • Curious and constant learner
  • Loves water - oceans, lakes, pools

Tyra Kelly

  • Information Seeker
  • Relativity Expert
  • Certified eDiscovery Specialist
  • Wanderlust
  • Crime Novels

Crystal Queen

  • Workflow process snoop
  • The great motivator
  • Big picture thinker
  • Bookworm
  • Duchess of denim

Shani Sarjeant

  • Talented troubleshooter
  • Mover of mountains
  • Champion collaborator
  • Coffee connoisseur
  • Outdoor-obsessed

Thomas Petschauer

  • 16 years of experience managing teams
  • Technical to business liaison – “The Translator” Coach/Cheerleader
  • Family comes first, both personal and business!
  • Enjoys volunteering in my community

Jessica Guay

  • 20+ years working to implement information governance projects
  • Hold a CIPP/US certification and lead our privacy compliance offerings
  • Work closely with clients to build strategies and assure adoption of initiatives
  • Enjoys cycling and skiing in Colorado mountains
  • Enjoys family time – large Italian style