Don’t be another victim of IP theft!

AnalyzID, ID’s proprietary employee separation tool, provides a quick and in-depth forensic analysis of departed employees’ computers and automatically flags suspicious activity. The analysis focuses on three main areas: evidence of covering tracks, user activity, and data exfiltration. AnalyzID is a cost-effective way to quickly assess potential intellectual property (IP) theft and mitigate risk.

AnalyzID Dashboard


In today’s highly competitive market, corporations are faced with the continual threat of intellectual property theft.

Most IP is stolen during business hours and within one month of resignation.

With the average corporation turning over 10% of their employees every year, the threat is constant and difficult to identify.

About 20% of CFO’s think their organizations were victims of intellectual property theft but that it would prove difficult to confirm their suspicions.


To protect organizations and their IP, Innovative Discovery has developed AnalyzID –the employee separation kit.

AnalyzID provides quick and in-depth forensic analysis of employeecomputers and automatically flags suspicious activity. This cost-effective solution will assess potential IP theft and mitigate risk.

The analysis focuses on three main areas:

Evidence of Track Covering

Reveal questionable employee behavior such as increased file deletions, evidence of wiping activities, and unusual file access.

User Activity

ID helps manage your data footprint, limiting exposure to external threats and retention of information you don’t need.

Data Exfiltration

Analyze file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email, exposing cloud services activity, USB activity, and suspicious email activity.

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While no business can operate successfully without people, human assets can swiftly become a liability. AnalyzID will expose departing employees suspicious activity and identify potential security threats to help protect your organization’s intellectual property.