Identifying Trade Secrets: a managed review case study.

The Situation A developer of pharmaceutical products contacted Innovative Discovery (ID) to help identify potential trade secret information on a former employee’s laptop in order to remediate the proprietary information. The Solution ID consulted on and implemented an analytics-based process that would significantly reduce the number of documents needing review. This workflow was comprised of three complementary parts and allowed … Read More

Don’t let the internet spoil a surprise.

January 9, 2020 Online shopping offers the perks of a larger selection of potential gifts, a way to quickly compare prices, and the time savings of making purchases from anywhere. Choosing gifts online, however, can spoil a well-thought-out surprise and haunt you with ads that could feel like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Personalized online ads, also known as “targeted,” … Read More

eDiscovery: 2019 trends in Review

Dec. 26, 2019 For the electronic discovery industry, 2019 was characterized by continued growth and demand for its ever-evolving technology, company mergers, new, challenging privacy laws; and a leading role in some of the country’s biggest political news. Burgeoning data, burgeoning market The electronic discovery software and services market was estimated to reach $11.41 billion in 2019 and projected to … Read More

Countdown to CCPA: How to Prepare 

December 19, 2019 The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – one of the most comprehensive data privacy laws in the United States – gives consumers more transparency and control over how their online personal information is used.   Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the law will protect about $12 billion worth of personal information used for advertising in California each year, according to an … Read More

Leveraging Previously Reviewed Documents

The Situation The client needed to review 150,112 documents for responsiveness and privilege with limited resources available and a ten-day deadline. Due to the time constraint, the client could not conduct the multiple training rounds necessary to reach peak accuracy and a small portion of the review universe had been previously reviewed under a different protocol. The Solution ID created … Read More

How to avoid a “touchless hack”

December 12, 2019 Becoming a successful hacker might depend more on a person’s knowledge of psychology than on their expertise in information technology, according to cybersecurity experts. A hack doesn’t necessarily require manipulation of a company or organization’s network connections or systems. It’s often accomplished with clever social engineering, or more simply, deception. Social engineering – attempting to influence someone … Read More

Maintaining Network Security During the Holiday Shopping Season

December 2, 2019 No matter how many employees you have, it’s likely that some of them will be shopping during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday. As sales start to creep up earlier every year, some of this shopping will probably be done on company time and on company computers. Every company needs to set limits on how much personal usage … Read More

Managing Remote Teams the “Taylor Way.”

November 13, 2019 Kim Taylor, longtime information technology and legal service executive, started out as a skeptic of remote work. Now, the chief executive officer of Innovative Discovery leads a company where many of the personnel works remotely some, or all, of the time. He now sees remote employees as a beneficial part of a company, providing flexibility and room … Read More

Don’t Miss the Remote Security Boat

November 7, 2019 Remote work provides many benefits to employees, employers, and the environment in the form of boosting worker productivity and efficiency, helping to attract and retain employees, lowering overhead, and reducing vehicle emissions, among other advantages. But the growing trend also brings its share of challenges, from data leaks, security gaps, and lack of accountability. In 2016, about … Read More

How to Protect IP in Today’s Big Data World

October 30, 2019 Companies rely on big data and big analytics to improve and develop their products and services as well as boost their profits.  “Today, big data has become capital,” notes tech giant Oracle Corp. in an online white paper on big data. “Think of some of the world’s biggest tech companies. A large part of the value they offer … Read More