Don’t Miss the Remote Security Boat

Remote work provides many benefits to employees, employers, and the environment in the form of boosting worker productivity and efficiency, helping to attract and retain employees, lowering overhead, and reducing vehicle emissions, among other advantages. But the growing trend also brings its share of challenges, from data leaks, security gaps, and lack of accountability. In 2016, about 43% of U.S. … Read More

How to Protect IP in Today’s Big Data World

October 30, 2019 Companies rely on big data and big analytics to improve and develop their products and services as well as boost their profits.  “Today, big data has become capital,” notes tech giant Oracle Corp. in an online white paper on big data. “Think of some of the world’s biggest tech companies. A large part of the value they offer … Read More

Digital Assistants: Friend or Foe

Voice-activated digital assistants can seem like a dream come true for sole proprietors and small businesses. Found in smartphones and stand-alone smart speakers, they can perform tasks such as scheduling appointments and sending email and text messages to a client or customer. The tasks can be performed without the expense of paying wages to a human assistant or can be … Read More

FedRAMP: the gold standard for CSP security

On retail websites, an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate symbol signals to consumers that the credit card data they input will be encrypted during delivery to the retailer. Similarly, certification under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides an attestation of quality concerning the security of cloud service providers (CSPs). But unlike SSL, which is a minimum and … Read More

The shocking way you are leaving your organization vulnerable to a data breach

Data breaches often conjure up images of crafty hackers weaving complicated codes to invade an organization’s network. But the vast majority of data breaches actually result from compromised log-in credentials within an organization’s privileged access management (PAM) system. In other words, attackers have no need to hack into your system, because in many cases, they can use stolen, weak or … Read More

Are Analytics Right for You?

Clients frequently ask whether analytics, technology-assisted review (TAR), or an equivalent buzzword is a good fit for their matter or can assist in achieving a specific goal. The answer is a resounding yes! When strategically applied, data analytics tools and techniques can be brought to bear on almost any matter. The examples below represent just a few ways analytics can … Read More