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New Sanctions Case Offers Lessons on ESI Protocols and Information Governance Policies 

By: Philip Favro, Principal, PRESA Consulting ESI protocols have become an increasingly contentious issue in eDiscovery. While ideally setting the framework for basic issues such as form of production, metadata fields, and load file specifications, ESI protocols have become bogged down in negotiations over search procedures and family productions of hyperlinked documents. Worse, some parties memorialize preservation procedures in ESI … Read More

The Benefits of Using Analytics and TAR for Your Smaller Review 

By: Cathey Fetgatter, Sr. VP, Analytics & Managed Review Technology-assisted review (TAR) and analytics have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the legal and e-discovery industries. However, there is a common misconception that TAR and analytics are only suitable for large-scale reviews. In reality, TAR and analytics can be just as effective and efficient in smaller reviews and … Read More

Article: Handling Structured Data in Discovery

By: Philip Favro and Gregg Parker, Principal Consultants Much of the focus of electronic discovery in recent years has centered on preserving and obtaining text messages and workplace collaboration content. And yet, there are other key sources of ESI that are often overlooked and may be more significant for claims and defenses than digital age communications. Structured data is one … Read More

Ephemeral Messaging – Understanding Key Preservation Issues in Civil Litigation

By: Philip Favro, Presa Consulting Consider the following scenario. You are presiding over a business litigation dispute where a representative for one of the parties regularly communicates by text message with counsel. Counsel has repeatedly advised the client representative (“client”) to stop sending messages and stick to email for written communications. The client—a younger lawyer and counsel’s primary in-house contact—is … Read More

What Kind of Review is Right for You?

Executing a managed review may seem like a straightforward task, but there are often overlooked details that leave cost and time savings on the table. ID knows the questions to ask to identify these details and build your custom workflow. ID offers flexible and personalized options so that your review fits your requirements. Remote, DistributID Reivew, on-premise, staffing and recruiting … Read More

In a galaxy far, far away, active learning saved the day.

By: Wayland Radin and Andrew Erland May the force be with you Inquiring minds on the ID team wanted to determine, once and for all, where certain Star Wars icons fell on the light vs. dark spectrum of the force. Naturally, ID looked to Relativity Analytics (specifically Active Learning) to answer this burning question.Our team imported Wikipedia articles for the … Read More

Technology Assisted Review

TAR 1.0 vs TAR 2.0

By: Wayland Radin, Director of Operations, Analytics | Innovative Discovery Leverage Machine Learning to Handle Expanding Volume Exponentially expanding data volumes present one of the most significant challenges to companies today, especially when those companies are seeking to fulfill their discovery obligations in a litigation or investigatory matter. Technology Assisted Review, or TAR, promises to help companies (and their counsel) assess their data … Read More

Trends and Tools for eDiscovery – a webinar recap

By: Savannah Aaron, Marketing Manager The world of legal technology and eDiscovery tools has always evolved at a fast pace. The emergence of the global pandemic earlier this year, however, transformed the way we work, communicate, and create new data, resulting in a highly dynamic eDiscovery landscape and trends we never could have predicted. A panel of experts gave their … Read More

What Is the Information Lifecycle?

by: Kim Taylor, CEO Here at Innovative Discovery, we say that we partner with law firms, corporations, and government agencies to provide service, guidance, and consultation throughout the information lifecycle. It makes perfect sense to us, but for some, it may raise the question, “what exactly IS the information lifecycle?” In short, managed information goes through a natural process from … Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Legal and Technology Communication During Complex eDiscovery Matters

By: Andrew Dorsey, Senior Project Manager eDiscovery matters require expertise from both the legal and technical fields, two disciplines that can often speak different languages, leaving the potential for communication gaps and disjointed work products. Moreover, experts in forensics, data services, hosting platforms, and managed review must precisely navigate client specifications in order to meet fast-paced and time-sensitive deadlines. While … Read More