The Outsized Impact of Text Messages on Litigation

By: Phil Favro, Principal, PRESA Consulting Text messages are having an outsized impact on the results of litigation. To be sure, text messages may be highly relevant in certain cases, particularly since they often reflect unguarded communications from message participants on key issues. More often than not, however, the impact of text messages on litigation arises from a party’s failure … Read More

Outsourcing eDiscovery and Forensics Work: Benefits for Non-Technical Professionals

By: Tim Kiefer, Forensics Manager As a non-technical professional, you may have found yourself in a position where you are responsible for managing the discovery and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation but lack the technical expertise to do so in-house. While it is possible to learn the technical aspects of forensics, it can be time-consuming and may … Read More

Concept of a case investigation - male lawyer holding a magnifying glass over icons showing case evidence and prevention of spoliation.

Spoliation of Evidence: Definition, Threats, and How to Avoid It

Michael D’Angelo, Senior Forensics Consultant, Innovative Driven When a lawsuit is filed, the attorney should prove that the at-fault party acted negligently. The proof depends on many pieces of evidence to craft any compelling case. But what do you think may happen if the key piece of evidence that could break or make your case is lost? How can you … Read More

What Litigants Should Know About New Court Decisions on Categorical Privilege Logs

By: Philip Favro, Consultant, IG and eDiscovery Parties are turning to privilege log alternatives like metadata logs, categorical logs, and logs reflecting samples of privileged documents to ameliorate the burdens of preparing document-by-document logs. As they do so, courts have in turn issued several recent opinions that provide guidance for how parties should handle the development of these logs, particularly categorical logs. That guidance … Read More

The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Business May Be Your Coworker

By: Nate Latessa, Vice President of Corporate Services Intellectual property theft results mostly from insider threats or employees who feel entitled to information, which they maliciously sell to other corporations. They use their legitimate access to the organization’s network, database, and application to source the information. Common culprits for such thefts include current employees, third parties like partners, contractors, temporary … Read More

Innovative Discovery Introduces AnalyzID, an Intellectual Property Theft Detection Tool

[Arlington, VA, August 5, 2021] – Innovative Discovery (ID), data experts serving law firms, corporations, and government agencies through the information lifecycle, is proud to announce the launch of its one-of-a-kind intellectual property theft detection kit, AnalyzID. AnalyzID provides a quick and in-depth forensic analysis of departed employees’ computers and automatically flags suspicious activity. The analysis focuses on three main areas: evidence of … Read More

Trends Shaping the Future of eDiscovery

By: Ken Baldesi, Vice President, Client Services 2020 caused numerous changes in the legal and information governance industries. Legal professionals had no choice but to adapt to the new norm to continue running their day-to-day activities. These events have made it essential to stay updated on the trends that will impact eDiscovery.  So, what are the trends shaping the future … Read More

Trends and Tools for eDiscovery – a webinar recap

By: Savannah Aaron, Marketing Manager The world of legal technology and eDiscovery tools has always evolved at a fast pace. The emergence of the global pandemic earlier this year, however, transformed the way we work, communicate, and create new data, resulting in a highly dynamic eDiscovery landscape and trends we never could have predicted. A panel of experts gave their … Read More

What Is the Information Lifecycle?

by: Kim Taylor, CEO Here at Innovative Discovery, we say that we partner with law firms, corporations, and government agencies to provide service, guidance, and consultation throughout the information lifecycle. It makes perfect sense to us, but for some, it may raise the question, “what exactly IS the information lifecycle?” In short, managed information goes through a natural process from … Read More

Why the Right PM Team Makes All of the Difference

By: Ken Baldesi, VP, Client Services Taking on an eDiscovery project might sound a like a formidable task considering how many electronic records exist nowadays. The amount of evidence and other pertinent information that needs to be organized is usually enormous. How this information is pulled together will greatly impact the eDiscovery and litigation process. Being able to call up … Read More