The Outsized Impact of Text Messages on Litigation

By: Phil Favro, Principal, PRESA Consulting Text messages are having an outsized impact on the results of litigation. To be sure, text messages may be highly relevant in certain cases, particularly since they often reflect unguarded communications from message participants on key issues. More often than not, however, the impact of text messages on litigation arises from a party’s failure … Read More

Innovative Driven Names Bryan Campbell and April Pish, Esq. as Co-Presidents to Lead the Organization into the Future

[Arlington, VA, March 8, 2023] – Innovative Driven (ID), a company dedicated to helping law firms, corporations, and government agencies use their data to achieve their goals, grow their business, and operate efficiently, is excited to announce a new leadership structure with the appointment of co-presidents. Bryan Campbell, ID’s former Chief Operating Officer, and April Pish, ID’s former Chief People Officer and General … Read More

How to Save Time Pinpointing Data in Slack 

By: Billy Ecclestson, VP of eDiscovery Services Slack is a popular communication tool used by many businesses and organizations to facilitate collaboration and communication among team members. With the vast amount of data that is generated in Slack, it can be challenging to pinpoint specific data when needed, especially during litigation. However, with the ability to pinpoint data in Slack, … Read More

The Pain Points of Short-Messaging Conversions 

By: Billy Eccleston, Vice President of eDiscovery Services Short message conversions, also known as SMS conversion, refers to the process of converting text messages into a readable format for use in eDiscovery and legal proceedings. SMS messages are widely used for communication and collaboration, especially in the workplace. However, SMS messages present unique challenges in the eDiscovery process due to … Read More

Article: Handling Structured Data in Discovery

By: Philip Favro and Gregg Parker, Principal Consultants Much of the focus of electronic discovery in recent years has centered on preserving and obtaining text messages and workplace collaboration content. And yet, there are other key sources of ESI that are often overlooked and may be more significant for claims and defenses than digital age communications. Structured data is one … Read More

Outsourcing eDiscovery and Forensics Work: Benefits for Non-Technical Professionals

By: Tim Kiefer, Forensics Manager As a non-technical professional, you may have found yourself in a position where you are responsible for managing the discovery and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation but lack the technical expertise to do so in-house. While it is possible to learn the technical aspects of forensics, it can be time-consuming and may … Read More

ITAR Projects are Not Limited to US Citizens

By: Eric Mandel, Principal, Innovative Driven Handling eDiscovery on matters that require compliance with the United States International TraFc in Arms Regulations (ITAR) can be a challenge. [1] For those who have yet to experience working under ITAR, it comes into play when one or more parties (or a non-party) to a litigation is a US Government contractor, particularly in … Read More

Lessons Learned for 2023: Spotlighting Five Key eDiscovery Trends from 2022

By: Philip Favro, Presa Consulting With the New Year upon us, it is worth looking back at some of the top eDiscovery cases and trends from 2022 and exploring the lessons they offer going forward in 2023. 1. Proactive Information Governance Leads to Better Results in eDiscovery Cases: In re Pork Antitrust Litig., No. 18-CV-1776 (JRT/HB), 2022 WL 972401 (D. … Read More

The Impact that the Changing Nature of Documents is Having on eDiscovery

By: Philip Favro, Presa Consulting Abstract Notions about what constitutes a “document” have significantly changed over the years, leading to increasing complexity for government agencies and regulators in both the discovery process and during investigations. While government agencies and regulators may know that relevant information often can be found among “documents” such as messages and hyperlinked content found in chat … Read More

Ephemeral Messaging – Understanding Key Preservation Issues in Civil Litigation

By: Philip Favro, Presa Consulting Consider the following scenario. You are presiding over a business litigation dispute where a representative for one of the parties regularly communicates by text message with counsel. Counsel has repeatedly advised the client representative (“client”) to stop sending messages and stick to email for written communications. The client—a younger lawyer and counsel’s primary in-house contact—is … Read More