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New Sanctions Case Offers Lessons on ESI Protocols and Information Governance Policies 

By: Philip Favro, Principal, PRESA Consulting ESI protocols have become an increasingly contentious issue in eDiscovery. While ideally setting the framework for basic issues such as form of production, metadata fields, and load file specifications, ESI protocols have become bogged down in negotiations over search procedures and family productions of hyperlinked documents. Worse, some parties memorialize preservation procedures in ESI … Read More

How to Save Time Pinpointing Data in Slack 

By: Billy Ecclestson, VP of eDiscovery Services Slack is a popular communication tool used by many businesses and organizations to facilitate collaboration and communication among team members. With the vast amount of data that is generated in Slack, it can be challenging to pinpoint specific data when needed, especially during litigation. However, with the ability to pinpoint data in Slack, … Read More

The Pain Points of Short-Messaging Conversions 

By: Billy Eccleston, Vice President of eDiscovery Services Short message conversions, also known as SMS conversion, refers to the process of converting text messages into a readable format for use in eDiscovery and legal proceedings. SMS messages are widely used for communication and collaboration, especially in the workplace. However, SMS messages present unique challenges in the eDiscovery process due to … Read More

Article: Handling Structured Data in Discovery

By: Philip Favro and Gregg Parker, Principal Consultants Much of the focus of electronic discovery in recent years has centered on preserving and obtaining text messages and workplace collaboration content. And yet, there are other key sources of ESI that are often overlooked and may be more significant for claims and defenses than digital age communications. Structured data is one … Read More

Trends Shaping the Future of eDiscovery

By: Ken Baldesi, Vice President, Client Services 2020 caused numerous changes in the legal and information governance industries. Legal professionals had no choice but to adapt to the new norm to continue running their day-to-day activities. These events have made it essential to stay updated on the trends that will impact eDiscovery.  So, what are the trends shaping the future … Read More

What Is the Information Lifecycle?

by: Kim Taylor, CEO Here at Innovative Discovery, we say that we partner with law firms, corporations, and government agencies to provide service, guidance, and consultation throughout the information lifecycle. It makes perfect sense to us, but for some, it may raise the question, “what exactly IS the information lifecycle?” In short, managed information goes through a natural process from … Read More

Why the Right PM Team Makes All of the Difference

By: Ken Baldesi, VP, Client Services Taking on an eDiscovery project might sound a like a formidable task considering how many electronic records exist nowadays. The amount of evidence and other pertinent information that needs to be organized is usually enormous. How this information is pulled together will greatly impact the eDiscovery and litigation process. Being able to call up … Read More

The Ever-Changing World of Legal Technology

By: Bryan Campbell, Chief Operations Officer When it comes to innovative and cutting-edge technology in the legal field, the world changes very quickly. Law firms are having to move with the times to connect with the digital space and provide the best services to their clients and to their staff as they progress. Despite this need for technology, physical management … Read More

How to Stop File Corruption when Migrating Data

By: Nate Latessa, VP of Corporate Services Data corruption can severely disrupt business processes. In the worst case, it isn’t noticed for a long time, and a broken file is copied to multiple locations. By the time anyone realizes there is a problem, recovering the lost data may be difficult or impossible. One common way in which many tend to … Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Legal and Technology Communication During Complex eDiscovery Matters

By: Andrew Dorsey, Senior Project Manager eDiscovery matters require expertise from both the legal and technical fields, two disciplines that can often speak different languages, leaving the potential for communication gaps and disjointed work products. Moreover, experts in forensics, data services, hosting platforms, and managed review must precisely navigate client specifications in order to meet fast-paced and time-sensitive deadlines. While … Read More