Intelligent IG Services and Solutions: What You May be Missing

Assessment Services – IG, Data, Privacy, MS365, eDiscovery, and Litigation Readiness  Our consultants can conduct thorough assessments of your data ecosystem. During our assessments, we will evaluate existing policies and practices, provide estimates on the true costs of managing your data, outline your corresponding goals and priorities, and then devise a plan to help you achieve them.   Data Inventory and … Read More

Why a Data Inventory is Essential for Privacy Compliance

By: Naheed Bleecker, Director of Cybersecurity Governance & Privacy, PRESA Consulting Data privacy is a growing concern in today’s digital world, and companies must ensure that they comply with privacy regulations to avoid penalties and reputational damage. A data inventory is an essential aspect of privacy compliance, as it provides companies with a clear view of their data footprint and … Read More

Managing Risk and Costs of Email Archives

By: Jeff Dunning, Director of Corporate Cloud Services Managing the risk and costs of email archives is an essential aspect of modern business. With the increasing amount of data being generated every day, it’s important to ensure that your email archives are managed efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we will discuss the risks and costs associated with email archives … Read More

Recipe for Creating a Successful Information Governance Program

Creating a successful information governance (IG) program requires a solid foundation and a clear understanding of what IG entails. Building a strong foundation for your IG program involves several key steps: Develop a comprehensive IG roadmap: This roadmap should outline the key goals and objectives of your IG program, as well as the steps needed to achieve those goals. It … Read More

New Sanctions Case Offers Lessons on ESI Protocols and Information Governance Policies

By: Philip Favro, Presa Consulting Philip Favro, Consultant, Information Governance & eDiscovery, Innovative Driven ESI protocols have become an increasingly contentious issue in eDiscovery. While ideally setting the framework for basic issues such as form of production, metadata fields, and load file specifications, ESI protocols have become bogged down in negotiations over search procedures and family productions of hyperlinked documents. … Read More

Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore Your ROT and Dark Data

By Linda Coniglio, Director, Privacy and Information Governance Every day employees throughout an organization create, save, share, and store data to do their jobs – and A LOT of it.  This data is the backbone of the organization, and the bulk of it is considered unstructured which means it doesn’t have a standard structure such as a traditional database.  It … Read More

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Info Gov 101: What is Information Governance & Why it is Critical for Your Organization?

Linda Coniglio, Director of Privacy & Information Governance Information governance (IG) is a framework for managing data by establishing policies & procedures for how information is created, stored, used, valued and deleted. It encompasses the policies, standards, processes, metrics, and roles guiding the efficient and effective use of information for your organization to realize its objectives. An important goal of … Read More

What Litigants Should Know About New Court Decisions on Categorical Privilege Logs

By: Philip Favro, Consultant, IG and eDiscovery Parties are turning to privilege log alternatives like metadata logs, categorical logs, and logs reflecting samples of privileged documents to ameliorate the burdens of preparing document-by-document logs. As they do so, courts have in turn issued several recent opinions that provide guidance for how parties should handle the development of these logs, particularly categorical logs. That guidance … Read More

Data Governance Is the First Line of Cyber Defense

By: Nate Latessa, VP of Corporate Services Since 2003, October has been recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness month. It’s a collaboration between the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance and intended to raise awareness for staying safe and secure online. Cybersecurity month focuses on 5 main topics:• Every digital user should know how to … Read More

Design Thinking for Automation: Five Steps to Organizational Benefits

By Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies The principles of design thinking are perfectly poised to solve business problems because its tenants involve more collaboration around specific issues users encounter. In a recent webinar covering the business benefits of design thinking, Automation Expert Mike Prentice discussed the ways in which design thinking principles yield successful business results. “This solution has … Read More