Design Thinking for Automation: Five Steps to Organizational Benefits

By Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies The principles of design thinking are perfectly poised to solve business problems because its tenants involve more collaboration around specific issues users encounter. In a recent webinar covering the business benefits of design thinking, Automation Expert Mike Prentice discussed the ways in which design thinking principles yield successful business results. “This solution has … Read More

Accelerate Your Business Performance with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

By Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies Business cycles can be hampered by many things like innovative disruption, regulatory changes, and competitive forces. The constant need for technology innovation is driven by:   evolving customer markets   supply chain challenges  shifting customer demands  growing move toward remote employees  IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is software designed to help solve these critical … Read More

Capture Content Data With Ease Using IBM’s Automation Document Processing

By: Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies Capture Content Data with Ease Using IBM’s Automation Document Processing The IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP) system is a new solution that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with low-code tooling to help customers eliminate manual document processing. It does so by learning how to classify documents more accurately, so it extracts better information, said … Read More

A Customer Journey to Cloud and Container Platforms

Many organizations are moving to cloud and are using this solution to modernize their Java applications. And IBM has a new suite of products to reflect the technology shift. “All new IBM technology is being built container-first,” said IBM Engineer Kevin Trinh in a recent webinar. “Staying on track with your business will mean a move toward a cloud- or … Read More

IT Spending Flexibility with IBM’s Cloud Pak for Content Automation

The name of the game with IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation is flexibility – flexibility in your deployment options and flexibility in your licensing choices. “The benefit of this flexibility will do tremendous things for your overall IT spend,” said IBM Vice President Bill Lopig, in a recent webinar about the content capabilities of IBM’s latest suite of products. “This … Read More

Operational Resilience Through Workflow Automation

by: Scott Burt, VP of Corporate Strategies In a recent webinar about IBM’s Cloud Pak for Workflow Automation, industry experts referred to the post-pandemic business landscape as the “new normal” – one in which disruption is the rule for which businesses should be prepared. “The main theme we anticipate for the future is a drive toward operational resilience,” said IBM … Read More

IBM Announces Move Toward Hyper-Automation with AI-Embedded Cloud Paks

by: Scott Burt, Vice President of Corporate Strategies What Are Cloud Platforms and Containers?  Cloud and container platforms — like IBM Cloud Paks — represent the future of automation in a fully managed, serverless platform with fewer human touchpoints.   Cloud and container platforms are superior to traditional implementations in that they:  decrease maintenance and upgrade downtimes by 84%.  reduce operating expenses by … Read More