4 Ways to Implement Privacy as a Service: You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

By: Naheed Bleecker, Director of Cybersecurity and Governance Did you know you can operationalize your privacy policies without extra training, staff, or headaches? The onslaught of privacy regulation has been relentless, both internationally and in the United States. Due to the absence of a national privacy law, individual states have been passing laws that will go into effect in 2023: … Read More

Privacy Beyond Regulatory Compliance

Three trends apply pressure to today’s privacy programs: Increased consumer awareness Regulatory landscape becoming more complex Data & technology landscape is evolving Increased customer awareness As a customer, who doesn’t seem concerned about privacy today?  Maybe it’s due to the frequency of data breaches headlining the news, or perhaps it’s the fact that many customers find it creepy that a … Read More

Privacy Happenings – April 2022

In Case You Missed It:  This Month’s Privacy Topics Sanity: Implement a Privacy Framework For privacy professionals attempting to implement privacy and data security programs, it’s a tumultuous journey.  Existing regulatory requirements are changing – consider the amendments made to the CCPA by the CPRA and those recently passed for the VCDPA.  New US state or country laws continue to … Read More

Privacy Compliance Newsletter – March

Automating the Data Map: A Bare Necessity! Although the words “Data Map” do not specifically appear in privacy regulations, a Data Map operationalizes the requirement of keeping a record of processing activities (ROPA).  A Record of Processing Activity summarizes where data is stored, when and how it is accessed and processed, and with whom it is shared.  References to ROPAs … Read More

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An Introduction to Data Cleanup

By: Linda Coniglio, Information Governance and Privacy Specialist, CIPP/US There is a term that’s used to describe the large, hard-to-manage volumes of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundate organizations on an increasing basis – Big Data. As evidenced by the growth of data in the world and the variety of sources creating that data, Big Data has … Read More

February 2022 Privacy Newsletter

Spotlight: How to Implement and Maintain a Privacy Compliance Program We live in the era of Big Data and, according to estimates, the volume of business data worldwide, across all companies, doubles every 1.2 years. Unlike oil, which is a precious resource of limited availability, data is voluminous – in fact, organizations are drowning in data, and many have unwittingly … Read More

How To Implement and Maintain a Privacy Compliance Program – an introduction

By: Linda Coniglio, Information Governance and Privacy Specialist, CIPP/US When British mathematician Clive Humby coined the quote “Data is the New Oil” back in 2006, he surely couldn’t have imagined just how data driven businesses would become over the next 15 years, nor could he probably imagine just how voluminous data would become in the world or how many new … Read More

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Innovative Driven Announces Commitment to Respecting Data by Becoming a 2022 Data Privacy Week Champion

This year’s initiative emphasizes educating businesses on data collection best practices that respect data privacy and promoting transparency. Falls Church, VA & Arlington, VA (January 24, 2022) — Innovative Driven (ID) today announced its commitment to Data Privacy Week by registering as a Champion. As a Champion, Innovative Driven recognizes and supports the principle that all organizations share the responsibility … Read More

Privacy Headlines – 2021 in Review

Data Breaches Data breaches frequently made the headlines throughout 2021. Phishing and ransomware proved to be the two most popular tools for bad actors. Fines and number of affected individuals were massive — not to mention service disruption. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack by DarkSide disrupted the petroleum supply chain along much of the East Coast. Facebook saw 214 million … Read More

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Info Gov 101: What is Information Governance & Why it is Critical for Your Organization?

Linda Coniglio, Director of Privacy & Information Governance Information governance (IG) is a framework for managing data by establishing policies & procedures for how information is created, stored, used, valued and deleted. It encompasses the policies, standards, processes, metrics, and roles guiding the efficient and effective use of information for your organization to realize its objectives. An important goal of … Read More