The Benefits of Government Agencies Moving to the Cloud

By: James Perkins, Chief Client Officer Nearly 10 years ago, the U.S. government launched the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) to promote and standardize the adoption of secure cloud services by federal agencies. The idea was to streamline and provide consistency in the adoption and assessment of cloud technologies while safeguarding federal information and driving innovation in the … Read More

The first 24 hours: data breach checklist for legal and compliance

By: Nate Latessa, Vice President of Corporate Services Every 11 seconds this year, a business will experience a ransomware attack, according to a projection by Cybersecurity Ventures. Back in 2016, the frequency was about every 40 seconds. Cyberattacks were burgeoning even before COVID-19. The surge in remote work during the pandemic has only opened up more cybersecurity vulnerabilities and increased … Read More

In a galaxy far, far away, active learning saved the day.

By: Wayland Radin and Andrew Erland May the force be with you Inquiring minds on the ID team wanted to determine, once and for all, where certain Star Wars icons fell on the light vs. dark spectrum of the force. Naturally, ID looked to Relativity Analytics (specifically Active Learning) to answer this burning question.Our team imported Wikipedia articles for the … Read More

virginia cdpa

Virginia — Set to Become the Second U.S. State to Pass a Comprehensive Data Privacy Regulation

By: Nate Latessa, VP, Corporate Services | Innovative Discovery The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) has passed both the House and Senate and awaits reconciliation which is believed to be a mere formality.  Governor Ralph Northam supports the measure if reconciliation doesn’t introduce too many changes.  The Virginia legislative session is over March 1.  The Governor then has 30 days to … Read More

Innovative Discovery Named #1 Legal Process Outsourcing Provider in the New York Law Journal Best of 2020

[Arlington, VA, September 28, 2020] –  Innovative Discovery (ID),a trusted partner for law firms, corporations, and government agencies throughout the information lifecycle, is proud to announce that it has been named the number one legal process outsourcing provider in the New York Law Journal’s Best of 2020. The annual ‘Best of’ awards were developed to help lawyers identify the finest legal products and service … Read More

How to Stop File Corruption when Migrating Data

By: Nate Latessa, VP of Corporate Services Data corruption can severely disrupt business processes. In the worst case, it isn’t noticed for a long time, and a broken file is copied to multiple locations. By the time anyone realizes there is a problem, recovering the lost data may be difficult or impossible. Adhering to data management best practices should minimize … Read More

The COVID-19 Effect: Trends and Observations in eDiscovery

By: Kim Taylor, CEO eDiscovery trends typically develop gradually, following the pace of technological advancement, but the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a tidal wave of changes in a very short time period, accelerating nascent trends and causing shifts no one expected. Here are some trends that have reshaped the eDiscovery landscape: Remote work For the health and safety of employees, … Read More

Data hoarding may be the biggest threat to your business

By: Nate Latessa, VP of Corporate Services The feeling of “I might need this later” leads some people to retain all their data forever. Storage is relatively cheap, so there’s little personal incentive to get rid of anything. The thought that they might be able to save a little time by re-using a document sometime in the future or that … Read More

Trending eDiscovery Apps

By: Bryan Campbell, COO From Wickr to TikTok, software apps with inadequate security and protocols have triggered headline-grabbing litigation and government investigations. Apps also have become an increasingly tricky and expensive medium for recovering evidence during legal investigations and discovery. In business, apps ranging from cloud storage to chatbots that allow you to communicate in real time with colleagues scattered … Read More