Collections &
Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

ID understands the complex nature of data collection and the importance of a speedy, defensible approach.

Our technology, coupled with and managed by our forensics experts, can collect active and deleted data, corrupted data, and non-traditional data types – and we can do it from anywhere in the world. We will help secure your data from destruction or modification and maintain chain of custody so that it can aid your case down the road. When you are searching for evidence that doesn’t leave a paper trail, our team will help you bring potential evidence to light.

Trusting ID with your information governance needs ensures:

Variety of collection methods.

We will consult with you on your case to find the collection method best suited to your needs.

The smarts.

Our forensic experts can modify extraction engines, collect, and preserve hidden or deleted data and non-traditional data types, and manage industry-leading technologies.

Forensics analysis and consulting.

Our experts will consult with you to build a data strategy, and implement the best forensic analysis for your specific case circumstances. The data and hidden data is trying to tell a story, and our experts can bring it to life.


Throughout the process, we provide insight into where your data is, where it is going, and the cost associated with your project providing the proper chain of custody throughout. No surprises.

Concierge-level service.

We invest in our client’s data – our team personally reviews the data for quality assurance, bringing boutique-style level attention to every case.

Full service partnership.

Having a partner through every step of the information life cycle is imperative for a seamless work flow and consistent results. We are proud to offer a full-service boutique, working as your ally from the start of your project until its completion.

Credentials and Experience

Our forensic experts hold a variety of certifications, including C|HFI, EnCE, C|EH, and ACE, have vast experience with complex forensic data analysis, and have routinely been expert witnesses to collection methodologies and analyses.

Cost Effective Collection

Remote collection is becoming the go-to method in the industry because it saves time and money. ID has a wealth of experience with these types of collections.