Construction and Manufacturing

Constructing successful eDiscovery strategy and  personalized workflows    4 for your case.


We understand that construction and manufacturing projects can produce vast amounts of electronically stored information: contracts, plans, drawings, specifications, estimating data, schedules, meeting minutes, site logs, progress reports, cost documentation and more. Managing this vast store of information, in the context of litigation, can present overwhelming challenges. As with everything in construction, the solution is careful planning, development of appropriate management systems, and an effective application of human and technological resources.

ID's eDiscovery and forensics experts serve the construction & manufacturing industry by providing:

Experience with Unusual Data Types

Our experts will consult on the tools you need to bring your relevant data to light and understand the specific data types, such as CAD, CAM, and manufacturing data, that you work with regularly.

Legal Technologists

We have leaders in multiple fields working on your matter. Our lawyers understand technology and our technologist understand legalese. Our experts will consult on the tools you need to facilitate the production and review of construction & manufacturing litigation data.


Because the construction & manufacturing industry often deals with workstations, servers, and software that are antiquated and difficult to access, ID offers a variety of collection methods, including remote collection. We can collect from any device or platform and will use the process and technologies that best fit your needs.

End-To-End Services

Our end-to-end eDiscovery and information governance services provide technology-agnostic solutions throughout the information lifecycle, creating seamless workflows and consistent results.


Our team of experts will work with you to pick the best analytics and workflows for your case, leaving you with only the hot documents you need and a complete understanding of how we collected them.

Top-Notch Project Management

The ID PM team, available to you 24/7, is stacked with Relativity Masters & Experts, Relativity Analytics Specialists, Relativity Certified Administrators, Relativity Infrastructure Specialists, Nuix eDiscovery Specialists.

Digital Forensics

The ID team of experts is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions that solve the most unique client challenges.