Cyber Security

Proactively preparing for a cyberbreach minimizes risk while saving time, money, and headaches.

ID will help you implement a threat prevention plan by providing:


Cyber risk audits and a no-obligation due diligence network audit.

Security testing, analysis & evaluation

Internal and external systems testing, full rundown of systems and protocols, and a personalized plan to manage data.


Strategic risk consulting and recommendations for securing your data.

Continuous active monitoring

Assisted or remote SOC services to provide continuous monitoring of your infrastructure.

What is the most overlooked, but most common security threat?

The biggest cyber security threats come from inside of your organization - whether intentionally or by an error made by a well-meaning employee. Having the proper protocols set up internally can make all the difference.

How do you manage remote access to data?

We can work within your systems or offer our private cloud. We don’t outsource our security.

Information Governance

If you house data, you are at risk for a data breach. 

A breach could not only ruin your reputation, but have damaging business ramifications that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to recover from. ID’s Tiger Breach Triage Team is locked and loaded with the experience, agility, and sensitivity to your situation to get you through the entire breach response process, start to finish, as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you experience a data breach, ID will work swiftly to:


Mitigate the attack and stop any potential ex-filtration or further contamination.

Utilize network forensics

Utilize network forensics to determine what (if any) data leakage occurred and provide a report on potential data loss.

Identify affected systems

Identify affected systems and segregate them from uncontaminated resources and data.

Remediation plan

Provide a remediation plan to reduce the risk for the client going forward by addressing all the findings.

Triage affected systems

Triage affected systems and determine the level of compromise.

Managed document review

Complete managed document review for efficient breach notification, searching your breached information for personal and protected data.

Can you help us determine the source of the breach?

Of course. Our team will identify the source of the attack, fix the hole, and then remediate any other affected systems.

What steps are taken to ensure we will not be breached again?

While no one can guarantee that you will never be breached, ID will work with you to determine weaknesses and put safeguards and policies in place to better secure your data for the future.