Move Data Easily

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, retiring a legacy system, or preparing for a data cleanup effort, moving large volumes of unstructured data and/or email from one system to another is not a simple task. Many programs lack the functionality to easily move the data, and some email archives are even designed to prevent you from exporting. Getting millions of pieces of content out of repositories and into a new location takes work and expertise to get both the content and metadata out, with integrity, and tracking chain of custody.

Working with ID  for large scale data and email migrations provides:

Secure, proven approach

Innovative Discovery’s consultants have migrated millions of Petabytes of data and email for Fortune 500 customers worldwide. Our proven process includes complete auditing of every migrated item, as well as eDiscovery compliance before, during, and after migration.

Value-add solutions

Is your migration part of a larger information governance effort? Innovative Discovery can help you map a complete strategy that includes data or email cleanup before your migration, securing of sensitive information, and a day forward plan.

Right tools for the job

Innovative Discovery partners with leading migration technology vendors and has certified professionals experienced in each technology. We’ve also developed our own proprietary products - the only ones in the world - that enable secure export from certain systems.


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