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Digital Forensics & Consulting

Digital Forensics & Consulting

Innovative Discovery’s Forensic and Digital Investigations Department spearheads comprehensive and defensible digital evidence collection and forensic solutions for the civil and criminal litigation process.
The use of forensics in the realm of electronically stored information has become a necessary component in the path to collecting and producing defensible and actionable evidence. In today’s day and age, digital forensics coupled with electronic discovery now allows litigation firms to meet their clients’ needs with as little error and “guesswork” as possible. This can include collection of evidence from custodian workstations, shared folders on a network server, profiles found dispersed throughout an enterprise infrastructure, electronic mail (email) storage, analysis, and collection, and the oft-forgotten archival and backup media collection, reconstruction, and analysis. Further analytical processes can bring to light deleted information or data that was lost due to fraud or corrupt or damaged hardware and software. This necessary trend toward forensics also allows clients to access, more often than not, data which has been encrypted or protected, and which is being purposefully withheld.
Innovative Discovery’s licensed and certified forensic consulting members utilize tried methodologies and sound forensic practices to identify, collect, verify, store and analyze electronic evidence. As a technology-agnostic organization, Innovative Discovery prides itself on having experienced practitioners familiar with most commercial and open source applications and methods; and not “push-button” consultants who provide little value to an investigation or litigation request.
Innovative Discovery offers its clients a complete solution that encompasses all aspects of the “Electronic Discovery” realm and provides all services in-house, so that data is not broken up and sent to third party vendors for the complete and total solution. Those services, coupled with the experience and counsel of its consultants, who range from the United States Military, Federal and State Law Enforcement, and Corporate Investigators from leading industries, all help to ensure that the process is seamless, airtight, and backed up by experience from the “collection to the courtroom.” Innovative Discovery also offers its clients Expert Testimony and Deposition experience and the ability to assist clients in all facets of their litigation support needs. This course has led Innovative Discovery to long-lasting and successful relationships with our Customers, a personal approach to conducting business, and the wherewithal to steer Clients on the proper and most cost-effective ways to conduct their electronic discovery practices.

Traditional Computer Forensic Services

  • PCs, Notebooks, tablet PCs, Servers, Blade technology, Appliances, etc.

Network Based Computer Forensic Services

  • SANs, NAS devices, Cloud storage, SharePoint and analogues, Document Management Systems, etc.

Mobile Device Forensics

  • Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, - able to extract:
    • E-mail, Calendar Items, Contact Lists, Text and Multimedia Messages, Browser Information, Call logs, Video and Pictures, App Information, etc.


Social Media Collection and Analysis.

Remote Collection of Host Computers, Servers, Archival Data, etc.

A full range of Forensic Analysis capabilities.

Expert Witness Analysis and Testimony.

  • Client Auditing and Reporting
  • Network and Infrastructure Surveys
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Remediation
  • Early Assessment and Client Pre-Collection Consulting
  • Custodian and Infrastructure Surveys and Analysis
  • Processing and Filtering Consulting
  • Data Mapping