Achieve Compliance with DSAR

New privacy regulations are being created around the globe, each of which provide individuals with legal rights to access their data. A request for that information is a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), and everyone must have a convenient avenue for reaching out to a company to retrieve their personal data. Achieving compliance requires organizations to understand what personal information they have, where it is located, and its purpose. Innovative Discovery, along with our partner OneTrust, has both the technology and services that can be deployed quickly and economically to automate your DSAR workflow.

Data Subject Access Request Rights Include:

Notifying data subjects in simple-to-understand text when their data is being collected, for what purpose it is being collected, and with whom it is shared or sold.
Providing a simple, convenient way for data subjects to opt-out or have their personal data deleted. However, some laws specify opt-in must be the default.
Securing personal data and notifying data subjects whose data has been breached.

We will address the following:

Deleting data that can be deleted based on regulatory or business requirements

GDPR & CCPA Verifying the identity of the requestor

Reporting dashboards for audit trails to demonstrate compliance

Integrating with your data map

Locating the requestor’s personal data

Generating the response

Accepting the various request types

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