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Electronic Data Discovery

Electronic Data Discovery

EDD is the processing and management of evidentiary documents held in electronic media into a usable sub-set for document review and production. The most common of these documents are emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets and databases, usually part of the Microsoft Office Suite, but not exclusively so. While the Microsoft products are most common, there are a myriad of other email and office based platforms that require equal attention and proficiency in processing. Additionally, proprietary platforms, various audio media and communications platforms must be processed as well.

ID’s proprietary Focus Early Case Assessment and Electronic File Processing Platform provides for unparalleled processing power and scalability.

ID’s production engineers are highly skilled and experienced. Our workflows are characterized by a high level of redundancy and documented quality control at every phase of the process rendering a superior end product for whichever hosted medium our clients prefer. Additionally because ID’s programmers are on staff and immediately available we are able to provide rapid response custom solutions and quickly address data anomalies with automated real-time solutions.

The EDD industry is no longer characterized by a few providers with proprietary systems. Indeed, the technology involved has come to be largely accessible. ID has created what it believes to be the optimal integration of its proprietary systems along with the superior systems currently available on the market. ID has integrated these platforms with processing and storage hardware to create an optimal system to deliver substantial capacity and processing power, along with a high quality and consistent product.

ID’s Electronic Data Discovery services include:

  • Early Case Assessment with Advanced Analytics
  • File-Type Culling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Electronic File Processing
  • Key Word/Boolean Search
  • TIFF/PDF Conversion
  • Near-Duplicate & Message Threading
  • Custom Programming & Solutions