Email Archive Migration

Whether you’re transitioning from email archiving system, or upgrading to a new archiving system, retrieving and restoring your archived email from can be painstaking. Innovative Driven has been working with customers in your position since their inception and we’ve helped numerous companies install, configure, and evolve their archiving solutions. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience, ID is here to help companies avoid the extremely expensive, tedious, and time-consuming chore to manually restore email content.

Starting Your Email Migration Journey

Quickly determine requirements and obligations to make sure business and compliance goals are met

Determine the amount of data, set a timeline, identify archive type to build the approach.

Migrate data to a system that supports eDiscovery and is maintenance to remove data once the timing allows. 

Reduce the time spent on maintaining your email archive and enable you to start proving ROI from your new system.


We will address the following:

Retrieve email up to 10 times faster than native utilities.

Report on exactly how much email will be retrieved and required space before you begin.

Schedule retrieval or process manually

Flexible retrieval parameters allow you to exclude users based on criteria, select documents based on age, and retrieve users based on group/file name/server directory.

Chain- of- custody of emails provided via full audit reports on mail messages and user mailboxes.

Accepting the various request types

Protects email integrity - email is not changed in any way.


Set up a free assessment to analyze your existing environment on how to eliminate the archive and better manage the data going forward.