Energy and Utilities

The fuel you need to manage your case.


Highly regulated energy and utilities companies need cost-effective solutions and defensible work flows delivered by experts with knowledge on your specific pain points. Our team is familiar with these regulatory industry matters across FERC, the EPA, and various government agencies. ID delivers the experience, cutting edge analytic practices, and hands-on consultation necessary to see your litigation matters through to the end of the information lifecycle.   

ID serves the energy & utilities industry by providing:


Many energy and utility companies are moving to the cloud to innovate rapidly and better respond to their customers' needs. FedRAMP is a highly-sought-after authorization that allows us to offer a secure, cloud-based environment for government data and we proudly utilize those best practices for your matters.

Legal Technologists

Projects are not separated between a technical team and attorney review team. We have industry leaders in multiple fields working together on your matter. Our experts will consult on the tools you need to bring your relevant data to light.

Experience Dealing with Relevant Regulations

Because we frequently work closely with government agencies, we have a working understanding of FERC regulations, as well as national, state, and local regulations. Having a trusted partner that understands industry specific regulations is critical when dealing with sensitive information.

End-To-End Services

We provide eDiscovery solutions from forensics through analytics and managed review to final production. Having a trust partner through every step of the information life cycle creates seamless workflows and consistent results.


We take a consultative approach to every project to determine the most efficient review workflow, seamlessly incorporating analytics, to help you identify critical information faster.

Concierge-Level Service

Our team invests in your organization and your data, so you receive boutique-style attention from top-notch experts.