GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule

As premier providers of litigation support and computer forensics, we pride ourselves on the ability to quickly and efficiently turn around any project or task assigned to us, regardless of size or detail. This capacity for quality and quantity, coupled with our recently awarded GSA Schedule Contract makes Innovative Discovery a primary candidate for government agencies and their litigation support needs.

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51-505 Document Productions On-site and Off-site Services

Document Production On-site and Off-site Services provide customers a practical turn-key solution to a customer’s requirements for production of documents. A typical document production service would include the required equipment (e.g., high-volume digital color copiers, scanners) and contractor provided operational and management personnel required for effective on-site/off-site document production.

Prior to any engagement, Innovative Discovery offers a full consultation regarding project outline and a needs assessment. Experienced staff is available for photocopy and document imaging/scanning productions, including Facilities Management. Innovative Discovery is able to provide the necessary equipment or use government provided equipment. Staffing is variable per project need; whether a single 8-hour shift or three 8-hour shifts are available for a 24 hour span. Assigned Project Managers will provide reports and transmittals at a minimum once per day.

51-506 Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services is the process of document conversion involving state-of-the-art scanning of the original document’s text and graphic image into digital data, which is then transferred to a new media and formatted for use in a document imaging and storage system. Comprehensive DCS are used to transfer text and graphic images in existing documents (e.g., correspondence, files, technical manuals, land records, charts, engineering drawings, legal instruments, etc.) in whatever media they currently exist (e.g., paper, aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm, roll film, etc.) onto a new delivery/ storage media (e.g., CD-ROM disks, 4mm/8mm magnetic tape, magnetic storage disks, aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm, roll film, etc.) in any required format (e.g., raster images, ASCII text, SGML tagged for electronic distribution or publishing, PDF image files, etc.) required for use in a document imaging and storage system. Customized coding and indexing options are also available as part of the document conversion process.

Assigned Project Managers provide daily updates and tracking for all scanning projects.

51-508 Litigation Support Services (LSS)

Litigation Support Services provides professional and nonprofessional services support in the area of managing legal documents. These types of Support Services include but are not limited to document preparations, organizing, copying materials, files, coding and, scanning. Indexing, database development, document analysis, software and systems support. NOTE: Paralegal services, attorneys, accountants, or other professional labor categories that may be construed as legal services or professional support for legal services are not included.

Forensic collection and forensic analysis services are offered as part of our Litigation Support Services utilizing Guidance Software’s EnCase and Access Data’s FTK as well as other forensic tools. Collection of hard drives, laptops, PDA’s, cell phones, network shares, file servers, email servers, as well as tape restoration are all services offered in our Forensics Department.

Innovative Discovery has developed its own Ediscovery processing engine to extract meta-data, keyword search, date filter, extract text, and convert documents to a variety of image formats for loading into litigation support review platforms.

If the client prefers, Innovative Discovery offers hosted document review as a premium hosting partner for K-Cura’s Relativity.