Health and Life Sciences

Helping to keep your data in picture perfect health


Healthcare companies house some of the most private information in the world and is one of the most litigious industries. Top-notch security and  defensible data management protocols are critical to healthcare providers for mitigating data breach risks and ensuring that compliance is met. Innovative Discovery consults with healthcare companies to set up policies and procedures to help protect sensitive data. Our team is made up of experts that have thorough understanding of both the technical and regulatory requirements of health care database systems consisting of protected patient information. Should you find yourself in litigation, ID has the industry-leading tools and knowledge you need to win your case and maintain privacy.

ID's information governance and eDiscovery experts serve the healthcare & life sciences industry by providing:


This highly-sought-after authorization allows us to offer a secure, cloud-based environment for government data and in turn utilize those best practices for our business environments.

End-to-End Service Offering

Our end-to-end services provide solutions from forensics through analytics and managed review to final production. Having a partner through every step of the information life cycle creates seamless workflows and consistent results.

Legal Hold

Relativity Legal Hold is a defensible, efficient, and comprehensive tool that enables organizations to effectively manage all data and correspondence in one centralized location.

Information Governance and Cyber Security

ID helps clients build data retention policies, identify potential vulnerabilities, and implement on-going monitoring procedures. Think of us as health insurance for your sensitive data.


We take a consultative approach to every project to determine the most efficient review workflow, seamlessly incorporating analytics, to help you identify critical information faster.

Concierge-Level Service

Our team invests in your organization and your data, so you receive boutique-style attention from top-notch experts.