Don't clutter your systems!

File analysis and clean-up is the heart of any information governance framework, but it’s no walk in the park! Enter Innovative Discovery’s proprietary tool, IDentify File Analysis. IDentify puts the power in your hands, allowing the data reviewer to determine what should be retained and what should be deleted. IDentify scans across terabytes of file shares, analyzes the metadata, and automatically applies customizable ROT policies, leaving your organization with only the files you need.

How you use IDentify:

Clearly visualize your content profile and recommended policies

Easy review and tagging for data reviewers

Streamlined data cleanup workflow

IDentify provides:

Fileshare Analysis

Fileshare Analysis

IDentify can scan across terabytes of file shares, analyze metadata, and automatically apply customizable retention policies.

Review & Tagging

Review & Tagging

IDentify provides a web interface where you can request decisions by data reviewers. Through the interface, reviewers can quickly and easily tag specific document for deletion.



Powerful visualizations group files by ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) probability to making it easy to analyze large fileshares

Add-On Functionality

Add-On Functionality

IDentify can be deployed as an add-on to industry solutions, enhancing these products with end-user review, workflows, coordination, and engagement, adding significant value to your organization.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Dashboards track data reviewer progress to ensure that projects stay on schedule.

Here are the ID actions and tools that will bring privacy compliance confidence to your organization:

Data Inventory

Almost half of organizations don’t know where their sensitive data is stored, leaving them at high risk for data breach and exposure to privacy and compliance violations. With ID’s data inventory scan, you’ll know if sensitive data exists within your data sprawl. <br><strong>Learn More</strong>

Data Mapping

A complete and up-to-date data map is the mainstay of your privacy program. You’ll know which systems store personally identifiable information (PII), visualize the flow of data across the business including third parties, and generate compliance reports. <strong>Download Brochure</strong>

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

Using the right technology and processes, Innovative Discovery will automate the data subject request fulfillment process using workflows for request intake and verification, detecting where personal data exists, and responding in a secure manner. <br><strong>Download Brochure</strong>

Data Retention

ID will help you identify what content is needed for legal and business reasons and dispose of content that has little or no value, minimizing the costs of data access requests and reducing exposure to cyber incidents. <strong>Click here to talk to an expert</strong>

Privacy Awareness Training

Educate your staff, protect your customers. Let Innovative Discovery share our knowledge on how to consistently use safe practices that meet regulatory training requirements under the GDPR, CCPA and other regulations. <br><strong>Click here to talk to an expert</strong>

Free download: 7 Steps to File Share Cleanup