Where Are You in Your Data Journey?

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Cyber Security

Let your goals guide you as you learn how ID can partner with you to create your perfect IG plan.

Where Are You in Your Data Journey?

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The Process

Information governance is a framework for managing data by establishing policies & procedures for how information is created, stored, used, valued and deleted. It is a unique process for every company and requires a personal touch that can’t be found in out-of-the-box services. Innovative Discovery learns your requirements and your goals and builds a customized solution, working alongside you every step of the way to execute, maintain, and strengthen your program. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are.

Goals that drive successful IG programs:

Content Analysis & Cleanup

80% of data is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT). You should only be storing and protecting data of value.

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GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Avoid penalties and feel confident in your compliance protocols.

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Cyber Security

By clearing out the “junk” you can focus your time and energy on protecting your sensitive data.

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eDiscovery & Litigation Readiness

Get your data ducks in a row so that when litigation arises, you are properly equipped to win your case and navigate the discovery process with ease.

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Legal Hold & Document Retention

Immediately put information or a custodian on a freeze to prevent deletion of critical data, and implement policies that allow you to rid of data with confidence.

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Digital Transformation & Platform Modernization

Fast, paperless data processing becomes possible through automated systems that are secure and accurate.

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Email Migration

Migrate email off of email archiving. Whether you’re transitioning from email archiving system, or upgrading to a new archiving system, retrieving and restoring your archived email from can be painstaking.

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Free download: 7 Steps to File Share Cleanup

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Meet our information governance experts!


Scott Burt

  • Member Board of Directors at Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Deep entrepreneurial and technology experience
  • Founded Integro in 1995 and grew it into a leader in the information governance space Avid golfer
  • Alpine ski enthusiast

Jason Brandes

  • Veteran systems architect
  • Expertise in coding, application design, and defined architectures
  • 22+ years designing, developing, and implementing solutions
  • Co-founded Integro in 1995 Diet Dr. Pepper Devotee

Chris McHenry

  • 30 years of experience in software development
  • Innovator in information governance enterprise software
  • Creator of Identify, ID Email Manager, and many other software products
  • Proud father of three girls Loves to be outdoors

Sue Buford

  • 16 years of experience managing teams
  • Technical to business liaison – “The Translator” Coach/Cheerleader
  • Family comes first, both personal and business!
  • Enjoys volunteering in my community

Linda Coniglio

  • 20+ years working to implement information governance projects
  • Hold a CIPP/US certification and lead our privacy compliance offerings
  • Work closely with clients to build strategies and assure adoption of initiatives
  • Enjoys cycling and skiing in Colorado mountains
  • Enjoys family time – large Italian style