Innovative Discovery adds industry-leading processing software Nuix to their technology arsenal



[Arlington, VA, September 5, 2019] Innovative Discovery (ID) a trusted partner for law firms, corporations, and government agencies throughout the information lifecycle, is proud to partner with Nuix, a risk, compliance, and security software company, to provide its clients with best-in-breed processing and analytics technology solutions.

A partnership with Nuix enables ID to provide law firms, corporations, and government agencies with a single, integrated eDiscovery software application that includes the world’s fastest processing engine, visual analytics, machine learning, smart review, and nuanced production capabilities. With Nuix in its toolbox, ID can provide clients with a unique, visual representation of their data set, for any size legal matter, faster than ever before.

“The world is creating data at a speed and abundance unlike ever before, and it’s not slowing down,” said Kim Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Discovery. “Our partnership with Nuix allows ID to identify, process, and analyze our client’s data at record speed and accuracy, setting them up for success throughout the entire information lifecycle.”

About Innovative Discovery
Innovative Discovery partners with law firms, corporations, and government agencies to provide service, guidance, and consultation throughout the information lifecycle.  Our team of lawyers, technologists, forensics professionals, and cybersecurity experts work closely with clients to develop tailored workflows to effectively and efficiently manage data and mitigate risk. Should litigation arise, ID offers the tools, services, and know-how to help you win your case.

About Nuix
Nuix understands the DNA of data on an enormous scale. Our software pinpoints the critical information organizations need to anticipate, detect, and act on risk, compliance, and security threats. Our intuitive platform identifies hidden connections between people, objects, locations, and events – providing real-time clarity, control, and efficiency to uncover the key facts and their context. Nuix and our partners deliver solutions that incorporate our global expertise in cybersecurity, law enforcement, digital forensics, investigation, intelligence, legal discovery, and information governance. We continually innovate to solve the complex challenges our customers face today and build their capacity to anticipate what’s next.


Sarah Grace Chastain

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