Innovative Discovery completes 2019-2020 FedRAMP reauthorization

Innovative Discovery, LLC, provider of technology focused eDiscovery solutions, announces completion of the annual audit for the FedRAMP moderate Cloud Service Provider reauthorization for 2019-2020. Leveraging the power and flexibility of a secure and streamlined Relativity® private cloud infrastructure, Innovative Discovery provides U.S. government agencies with vetted, reliable, and scalable eDiscovery services, but not limited to: data intake and processing, early case assessment, legal document review, managed review services, and eDiscovery consulting through the Innovative Discovery Government Cloud (IDGC) platform.

The IDGC platform is available to all U.S. government entities who desire cloud services for electronic discovery needs, including transactional matters or longer-term engagements. Innovative Discovery’s dedicated architecture, redundant systems, and world-class project management provides time-and-cost-effective solutions to the U.S. government agencies, allowing these entities to use commensurate tools, processes, and workflows as their commercial or private counterparts.

Innovative Discovery was founded in 2005 and has grown into a leading provider of technology forward eDiscovery solutions. In practice with a with a technology-agnostic philosophy, Innovative Discovery integrates the premier litigation platforms available with the best IT and programming personnel in the industry. The result is the ability to consistently create optimal solutions for clientele while increasing efficiency and reducing associated costs. By offering a complete, in-house solution to its clients, Innovative Discovery has remained at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry of eDiscovery.

Contact:nnSarah Grace Chastain
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