Innovative Driven Names Bryan Campbell and April Pish, Esq. as Co-Presidents to Lead the Organization into the Future

[Arlington, VA, March 8, 2023] – Innovative Driven (ID), a company dedicated to helping law firms, corporations, and government agencies use their data to achieve their goals, grow their business, and operate efficiently, is excited to announce a new leadership structure with the appointment of co-presidents. Bryan Campbell, ID’s former Chief Operating Officer, and April Pish, ID’s former Chief People Officer and General Counsel, will jointly lead the organization, bringing a wealth of experience, perspective, and knowledge to their new roles.

This move reflects ID’s commitment to driving innovation and growth through a collaborative, dynamic approach to leadership. With their diverse backgrounds and complementary skill sets, Bryan and April are well-positioned to steer the company toward continued success in a rapidly changing market. The company is confident that this new leadership structure will help to foster a culture of innovation, accountability, and teamwork while driving exceptional results for clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Bryan is a strategic leader and technologist with fifteen years of experience on both the software development and service side of the industry. By combining his knowledge of technology and passion for automation, he can develop innovative, best-in-class solutions that promote operational efficiency. Bryan is a creative problem solver that successfully develops and leads teams through complex challenges.

April served as the Chief Executive Officer of Update, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Driven, Inc., and remained in the role of CEO of Update, Inc. under Driven’s ownership. In this role, she worked with the executive team to provide strong management and leadership as well as implement processes and procedures to improve the company’s results. April is also a member of ID’s expert consultant group, PRESA, where she serves clients as an expert consultant and thought leader, helping them to capitalize on the value that their information provides.

“As a COO, I have always been passionate about building strong teams and creating processes that drive operational excellence,” said Bryan. “As co-president, I look forward to working with April to take our company to the next level. We will build on our existing strengths, drive innovation, and create a culture of collaboration and accountability that will set us apart in the marketplace. I am excited to take on this new challenge and help position our organization for long-term success.”

“I believe that an organization’s greatest asset is its people,” said April. “As co-president, my priority is to create a culture where employees feel valued, empowered, and inspired to do their best work. By investing in our people, we can achieve extraordinary results and drive sustainable growth for our company.”

About Innovative Driven
Innovative Driven believes an organization’s data should help you achieve your goals, grow your business, and operate efficiently. We are in the business of making data an asset, not a liability. We also believe the right people working in the right roles facilitate growth and curate happiness. Everything we do here at Innovative Driven is to increase the performance and success of your business – from the data to the people.    

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