Intelligent IG Services and Solutions: What You May be Missing

Assessment Services – IG, Data, Privacy, MS365, eDiscovery, and Litigation Readiness 

Our consultants can conduct thorough assessments of your data ecosystem. During our assessments, we will evaluate existing policies and practices, provide estimates on the true costs of managing your data, outline your corresponding goals and priorities, and then devise a plan to help you achieve them.  

Data Inventory and Mapping Services 

A data map helps organizations stay compliant with privacy regulations by making sure data is collected and used properly. This knowledge is essential for responding to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), eDiscovery requests, and internal investigations. 

Our consultants will tailor a data mapping plan to meet your business and compliance objectives. The plan will use software automation as much as possible, provide dashboards and reports to help you track assets and activities, share up-to-date information (attributes) about each data source (asset), list the employees and/or contractors who have access, and identify processing activities for each asset. We can also configure ongoing, scheduled assessments that will ensure your data map stays up to date as your business, regulations, and policies change. 

Data Compliance and Information Retention Policies  

Data policies and programs must reflect data goals, business objectives, applicable statutes and regulations, and technology available to the organization. ID collaborates with personnel across the client organization to update existing data programs (or create new ones) that are tailored to the client’s needs, budget, goals, and existing or planned technologies. Data compliance programs include written policies and the procedures required to implement policies. We can design and implement policies and procedures for the following: 

  • Data, network, and device use and management policies 
  • Records retention schedules and file plans 
  • Social media policies 
  • Legal hold process 
  • GDPR compliance 
  • Data policy implementation and employee training 
  • Audit programs 

Record Categorization 

ID can provide tools to cluster and classify your data. These classified data items can then be tagged or migrated with useful metadata attributes associated with them to improve the operationalization of your company’s records management guidelines. 

Data Remediation & Defensible Disposition 

Data remediation involves organizing data to be retained and disposing of stale data. ID does this while ensuring the process is both cost-effective and legally defensible. ID can help you segregate and reorganize high-value data using computer analytics and other search strategies. The “cleaned” data may be left in place, reorganized within the existing platform where it resides, or migrated to a new platform. ID will then archive or remove low-value data from your data systems.  

  • Contract migration and centralization 

ID can migrate contracts into contract management systems and use computers to inventory and classify contracts based on key contract provisions. 

  • Paper remediation programs 

Beyond electronic data, ID also has experience remediating paper records, including boxes and content stored in multiple warehouses with millions of records.  

  • File conversions 

Sometimes file types fall out of use or may become unsupported altogether. ID can convert these unique and obsolete file types to standard usable and viewable versions.  

  • Content Migration 

For each engagement, our consultants will design a complete strategy that includes data or email cleanup before your migration, securing of sensitive information, and a day forward plan. ID’s premigration assessments prepare you with an intelligent migration methodology to migrate valuable data and eliminate unwanted items. ID partners with leading migration technology vendors, has certified professionals on staff, and uses other proprietary products to enable secure export from certain data systems.  

  • IBM Content Collector (ICC) or CommonStore Email Archives 

If you are transitioning from Notes to Exchange, or upgrading to a new archiving system, retrieving, and restoring your archived email from IBM Content Collector (ICC) or CommonStore for Lotus Domino (CSLD) can be slow and full of challenges. ID has experience and expertise in migrating data from IBM products. 

  • Microsoft Email Archives 

ID is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has end-to-end Microsoft 365 solutions and services to ease organizations through migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We can also design appropriate governance policies and practices for your future-state environment. 

Our consultants have migrated data and email for Fortune 500 customers worldwide. Our proven process includes complete auditing of every migrated item, as well as eDiscovery compliance before, during, and after migration. 

Sensitive Data Cleanup 

ID offers both tools and services to help you implement, automate, and maintain a rock-solid privacy program that builds confidence that your data and information assets are properly accounted for and protected. Our consultants will design a solution that helps you identify what sensitive data you have and where you have it, to determine the types of sensitive data in your ecosystem, create a sensitive data policy that fits your specific needs, train people on that policy, and use it to guide the sensitive data cleanup and remediation process, including deleting, securing, masking, redacting, and/or tokenizing the data. Knowing more about your sensitive data will reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage. 

eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness Playbooks 

Litigation readiness programs provide a “playbook” that enables organizations to better understand the steps they need to take, and different choices they can make, in the discovery process. From the preservation, collection, and production of information to privilege logging, proportionality, and data security measures, our readiness programs offer well-tailored guidance and actionable suggestions that will lead to better results in litigation and discovery. 

M&A Data Preparation, Due Diligence, and Integration 

M&A values today are often influenced by data. Company valuation may be affected by the sophistication or risk of its data profile; cleaning up data may decrease risk and increase value. Liability risk diligence can be greatly enhanced through the analysis of an organization’s data. Transaction agreements often contain conditions about data transfer, which means that data must be identified and transferred, and sometimes deleted from the original source. In addition, merging organizations often need to integrate their existing IG programs, which may require modifying and implementing policies for one or both of the merged parties. 

Data Management Software Assessment, Migration, and Implementation 

Technology solutions are key to almost all services ID provides. Depending on what technologies organizations already have available to manage their data, they may or may not be able to meet their data goals. Our consultants can evaluate the features of your existing solutions and, if needed, assess new technologies for procurement in order to meet goals. We can also assist you during the administrative setup and use of existing and new tools, facilitates migration to new platforms, and advise you on the operation of data management technologies.  

Innovative Driven is a Gold Microsoft Partner and holds ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, demonstrating industry best practices in security, process, and quality assurance. ID has been Fed RAMP authorized since 2018 and holds certifications from the following: EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, SSAE18 Certified SOC 2, AICPA Service Organizations, ITAR Compliant, General Services Administration schedule, GDPR, and SSAE 16 Certified. ID continuously pursues opportunities for security improvements and actively manages authorization renewals and the implementation of new certifications. 

We are dedicated to making your data an asset, not a liability. If you would like to talk to any of our experts on the services above, reach out to us here.  

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