Leveraging Previously Reviewed Documents

The Situation

The client needed to review 150,112 documents for responsiveness and privilege with limited resources available and a ten-day deadline. Due to the time constraint, the client could not conduct the multiple training rounds necessary to reach peak accuracy and a small portion of the review universe had been previously reviewed under a different protocol.

The Solution

ID created a workflow incorporating technology-assisted review (TAR) to efficiently review the necessary documents. Rather than re-reviewing the previously reviewed documents, ID leveraged this existing work product by selecting “hot” documents and repurposing into training examples for the seed set during categorization. ID conducted extensive verification sampling to mitigate the risk of inaccurate decisions made by the categorization algorithm.

At the beginning of the TAR review, the total number of documents in the review universe was 150,112. Once privilege term screening and culling were completed, the resulting TAR review universe was 107,053 documents requiring human responsiveness review; 24,222 documents requiring human privilege review; and 50,003 documents that DID NOT require human review.

The Result

The client met the production deadline while achieving significant time and cost savings – over $160,000 – when compared to a linear review.

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