Litigation Readiness & eDiscovery

Information governance programs are about being proactive, and litigation readiness reigns supreme at properly managing your data so that it is advantageous to you in the event of a lawsuit. It can be said that any piece of an IG plan is a step towards becoming more prepared for litigation, however, a well-thought out and customized workflow ensures that you can hit the ground running and when your case when the time comes.

Here is the IG journey for properly preparing for possible litigation:

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Content Analysis and Content Cleanup


ID helps you analyze, index, search, track, and report on the content you have residing across your enterprise, and then build a plan that achieves compliance and efficiency.

Data Classification


Enriching your content by tagging it with metadata increases findability, value, efficiency, governance, and makes content more actionable.

Platform Modernization


ID will help you move from on-premise to cloud use or a hybrid approach, retire file shares, upgrade or move to/from platforms, containerize, decommission archives or legacy systems, and migration of content.

Data Mapping


By creating a detailed data map, you better understand your data sources and how best to prioritize and secure your data.

Process Automation


Modern automation and integration leverages microservices, SaaS architecture, and technologies to streamline business processes.