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Managed Review Services

Managed Review Services

ID does more than simply staff a document review project. Based on ID’s expertise with leading technologies and tested workflows, ID will design the highest-quality, most efficient and least costly review process possible according to your litigation goals. ID will consult with you every step of the way, providing validation of the process steps so you can make informed decisions as necessary. Most importantly, ID will document the entire process so it is identifiable, repeatable and defensible to any inquiries made by opposing counsel.

Some of the most important document review decisions are made before a single document is reviewed. ID’s qualified project managers serve as a single point of contact for clients and are experts in all aspects of review and production. They will consult with you and implement a fully customizable strategy to meet your review goals, such as:

  • Budget Planning and Cost Containment
  • Review Set-Up and Implementation
  • Prioritization of the Review Universe
  • Workflow Management
  • Use of Technology Assisted Review (e.g., concept searching, clustering, categorization, predictive coding), Including Validation of the Technologies Employed
  • Best Practice & Quality Assurance Methodologies
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Review Process Documentation
  • Integrated Change Control

Quality control is crucial to the success of any document review. ID begins its standard and custom quality control processes on Day One. Quality control reports are generated, analyzed and the results are communicated to clients in real-time, allowing full transparency into the workflow and review results. ID’s quality control processes promote the following:

  • Individual reviewer and overall metrics tracking for timeline projections and reviewer performance
  • Early identification of error trends to assess the need for re-training or clarification of instructions
  • Early identification of poor performers for rehabilitation or dismissal and top performers for higher level reviews
  • Responsiveness / Privilege / Issue Tagging ratio analysis to project production and Privilege Log volumes, as well as assess reviewer performance
  • Statistical Sampling for Quality Assurance

Whether you need specialty reviewers to supplement your team or a fully staffed document review team, ID can quickly deploy fully-vetted attorneys whenever and wherever you need them. Our robust recruiting database includes:

  • Highly qualified attorneys, paralegals and foreign-language reviewers
  • Fully-vetted candidates (e.g., personal interviews, credential verification, reference and background checks)
  • Candidates proficient in a wide variety of review platforms
  • Candidates experienced in various levels of review
  • Ranking system that tracks actual reviewer performance in real-time, ensuring the highest-quality candidates are employed for review

Our reviewers can work on-site at your location or off-site at our turnkey review center located in Arlington, VA.

  • Fully furnished and wired workspace
  • Secure access
  • Fully scalable workspace for large or small projects
  • Project Manager on-site for duration of review

NOTICE: ID is a provider of e-discovery services. ID does not provide legal advice or otherwise engage in the practice of law in any jurisdiction.