Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Happy team members =
happy clients.

Innovative Discovery is committed to empowering our team members to achieve greatness. We are committed to being a company that people are proud to call home. 


We offer personal growth and development with multiple career paths. We have a wealth of growth opportunities within our service areas.


Employees are guaranteed monthly one-on-one meetings with their manager to discuss individual goals, performance, and growth opportunities.


We support a Six Sigma and Process improvement mentality: work smarter, not harder. Working as a team and being open to new ideas promotes the opportunity for change that can increase efficiency and reduces wasted time, money, and effort.


Transparency is a crucial part of our culture. Every team member is considered a business partner. As a company, we meet regularly to discuss department and company growth and celebrate our outstanding team members.


Our recruiting strategy is simple: secure the best talent, regardless of geography. Whether in our brick and mortar office in D.C. or remote in Denver or San Diego, we support our team members with the tools they need to connect with one another.


We invest in industry-leading tools and software like Relativity, Nuix, and Brainspace to enable our teams to provide the highest level of support and service for our clients. We arm our sales team with best-in-class marketing and business development resources to generate, nurture, and secure new and existing client relationships.