Second Requests

ID can handle your matter with rapid succession, efficiency, and defensibility.

When you trust ID with your Second Request, you receive:

Tightly integrated work flows

ID can handle your Second Request start to finish, providing not just the ease of having one contact, but an efficient and organic process.

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach with a complete automated workflow with the understanding of the endgame.

Best-in-class technology

Our teams have in-depth experience with industry leading technologies like Brainspace and Relativity, ensuring the data reviewed and produced is secure, relevant, and meets the needs of our clients.

Scalable workloads

Whether the data set is 500 documents or 500,000, we can handle the data sets and will staff your project appropriately.

Quality assurance

There is no time for mistakes, and we don’t intend to make them. We have the experience and workflows in place to ensure that you receive the utmost customer service.

End-to-end capabilities.

Time is the enemy with a Second Request, and you cannot waste time passing the baton to disparate companies.

Expedited service delivery.

Our expertise in analytics results in highly responsive documents, speeding up the process and aiding in the success of your merger.

Your number one choice.

We have extensive experience with government agencies and understand the inner workings of regulatory agencies that we incorporate in every Second Request project.

Meet our experts!


Scott Burt

  • Technological translator
  • Outdoor explorer
  • Quick learner
  • Workflow strategist
  • Experience in multiple facets of the law, including litigation, policy making, and eDiscovery
  • Holds several Relativity and Brainspace certifications

James Perkins

  • Girl dad
  • Diet coke fiend
  • Founded Innovative Discovery 16 years ago
  • Relativity Review Specialist and Brainspace Certified Specialist
  • Deep experience in customizing and building workflows to create solutions

Jordan Pinksy

  • Been in the industry 9.5 years
  • Relativity Certified Administrator, Relativity Analytics Specialist and Relativity Review Management Specialist
  • Worked on several multi-terabyte cases over the years, including multiple second requests and large DOJ/SEC projects
  • Love everything about music, from playing and listening to it, to seeing it live in concert.
  • Avid Philadelphia and Toronto sports fan for the pro teams