Privacy Headlines – 2021 in Review

Data Breaches Data breaches frequently made the headlines throughout 2021. Phishing and ransomware proved to be the two most popular tools for bad actors. Fines and number of affected individuals were massive — not to mention service disruption. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack by DarkSide disrupted the petroleum supply chain along much of the East Coast. Facebook saw 214 million … Read More

Image of blue stage with three spotlights directed at white text text reading "Lessons Learned for 2022: Spotlighting Five eDiscovery Trends from 2021"

Lessons Learned for 2022: Spotlighting Five eDiscovery Trends from 2021

By: Philip Favro, Consultant, IG and eDiscovery With the New Year upon us, it is worth looking back at some of the top eDiscovery cases and trends from 2021 and exploring the lessons they offer going forward in 2022. 1. Frame the Issues with an Effective Preservation Demand Letter Cases: Gomez v. Metro. Gov’t of Nashville, 2021 WL 3406687 (M.D. … Read More

Leveraging Previously Reviewed Documents

The Situation The client needed to review 150,112 documents for responsiveness and privilege with limited resources available and a ten-day deadline. Due to the time constraint, the client could not conduct the multiple training rounds necessary to reach peak accuracy and a small portion of the review universe had been previously reviewed under a different protocol. The Solution ID created … Read More