The Benefits of Government Agencies Moving to the Cloud

By: James Perkins, Chief Client Officer

Nearly 10 years ago, the U.S. government launched the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) to promote and standardize the adoption of secure cloud services by federal agencies.

The idea was to streamline and provide consistency in the adoption and assessment of cloud technologies while safeguarding federal information and driving innovation in the industry.

Prior to FedRAMP, each federal agency had a different set of security requirements for cloud service providers. As a result, providers and agencies duplicated many efforts, causing inefficiencies in labor and cost.

FedRAMP eliminated duplication by setting common security standards and enabling agencies and providers to reuse authorizations. Once a cloud service offering is authorized, any agency can use the security package.

The program has helped federal agencies and providers to reduce redundancy and costs while achieving more robust security.

Governmental agencies’ experience with FedRAMP – including less time spent on maintenance, cost savings, and greater security – illustrate how businesses also can benefit from the program.

Less maintenance

Authorized providers take on the risk of managing hosting and maintenance of servers. This frees up agencies to operate with fewer IT personnel, downsized IT infrastructure, and less licensing rigmarole. Additionally, agencies experience less downtime from maintenance or system failures.

With less time and energy devoted to management and maintenance of cloud computing, agencies can focus their attention on their core functions.

Cost savings

Adopting innovative cloud technologies slashes governmental costs associated with procurement and operations because there is less duplication, maintenance, and interruptions. At the same time, these technologies enhance the efficiency of services provided to taxpayers.

Higher security

The program’s rigorous security standards came through a partnership between government and industry.

The certification covers more than 5 million assets of the world’s largest cloud providers, including AWS or Google cloud and one-third of the world’s internet traffic, according to FedRAMP’s website. Much of this data belongs to government agencies and includes classified information.

Continuous monitoring and regular audits of services mean that agencies can enjoy a reduced risk of cybersecurity threats and fewer interruptions in services.

FedRAMP-authorized providers

FedRAMP authorization is mandatory for any cloud service providers that work with federal agencies, but the certification has also evolved into the gold standard for the industry, including the private sector.

As data breaches become the norm rather than the exception, more companies in the industry have recognized the value of using this program to evaluate cloud service providers and reduce risk as they migrate to the AWS cloud or any other cloud services.

By using a FedRAMP-authorized provider, businesses can achieve cost and time efficiencies and operate with confidence that their data is protected by the highest security standards in the industry.

FedRAMP-certified cloud solutions can bring peace of mind that a business has done all it can to defend against cyberthreats and is focusing its energy on its core services for customers.

Nearly 220 providers, including Innovative Discovery, are now authorized under the program and can be found in the FedRAMP marketplace.

By choosing a FedRAMP-certified provider, businesses can parlay these best practices and security measures from the federal government into their corporate environments.

Learn more on how Innovative Discovery supports government agencies here.

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